Q. What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

Be more active! Be more positive!

Our school has a long tradition. Since 1911, in its 96 years, more than 23,000 students have graduated. Along with the long history, style and tradition of the literary two-way passages inherited from generation to generation, under the actions of "Independence, encouragement, and improvement", combined simultaneously with hard studying and the department activities, the students actively participate in school events, and spend their high school life meaningfully challenging their dreams fulfilling their days.

To live is to affirm yourself as an irreplaceable being. Let's enjoy your life more active and more positive!

We would like you to feel the energy of the Ibusuki High School students during the Cultural and Sports festival. We agree with my fellows to increase the communication among each other hoping that you perceive a sense of unity within the school.


Q. Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

The concept is "stylish, elegant and cute."

Ibusuki High School will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. With the new uniform, we changed completely the style of the girls uniform in order to step on the next 100 years of the school. We also took in ideas and thoughts of junior high school students and parents who participated in the one-day our open school, as well as the students. And that way the original uniform of Ibusuki High School was completed.

The concept is "stylish, elegant and cute." For ceremonial occasions, such as entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies, the students can wear either the necktie of the formal outfit, or the ribbon of the regular school life.

Also, they can freely combine winter and summer skirts, choosing the style that makes them shine the most, enjoy the pleasure of selecting it, and living the satisfaction of wearing it. We believe that we were able to make such uniforms. As for boys' uniforms, the design didn't change much, but we are going to revise the materials and adopt summer trousers with a cool touch fabric that feels fresh when it touches the skin and doesn't need ironing.




Comment from the designer

The dark blue blazer is simple and easy to wear with three buttons. The jacket is an elegant design that switchs the ends of the collar. The school badge is casually stitched on the chest. The skirt is cute plaid with a pink line on top of the dark blue base. A dark blue-based necktie finishes the whole outfit, adding even more cuteness to the uniform.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

Shine in the new Ibusuki High School uniform!

The life in Ibusuki High School is better than expected!! Many students say that the active learning classes are fun and that they have had a fulfilling school life. 92% of the students said that the school's atmosphere is great and want to encourage juniors to spend substantial days in this school.

The senior students voluntary participate in the cultural and the sports festival. It is exciting to see that they do it naturally. It's cool to see them "giving it all." Ibusuki High School is full of this atomosphere and everyone acknowledges it each other.

Well, everyone, shine in the new stylish, elegant and cute Ibusuki High School uniform!