Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

Soja High School is in the city of Okayama surrounded by abundant nature and close to the old region of Kibi culture, with a beautiful morning mist spreading through the scattered tombs and ruins. The school has its origins in the cram school that was founded during the year 24 of the Meiji era (1891).

The educational philosophy of the headmasters at that time was "to revive talent and to try to live through accomplishments, chasing only immediate interests and neglecting morality." It was necessary for the school to cultivate new human resources to reform the old tendencies. Following that trend, the girl's high school was founded in the year 6 of the Taisho era (1917).

The educational policy is to encourage students' strengths, to be self-aware of their missions and duties, to contribute nationally and internationally with honesty, elegance, and power, and to develop their personalities harmoniously. There are many gentle, compassionate students within the confines of the favorable environment in this school.

In 2017, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. During this time, we have formed a lot of students and active members of the society of this area and beyond.

From next year, we will put into practice the "101 Education Plan" which response to the high school collaboration system reform for the new entrance examination, and we will continue to devote our efforts to nurturing our students learning abilities.


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

In the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of our foundation, we decided to change the uniform's model. Our school uniform did not change during many years; it was recognized and appreciated by local people for a long time. Especially the neat and intellectual style of the skirt, which was inherited from the girl's school days, was popular among students and graduates.

Nevertheless, because of the recent changes in climate and other external conditions, it was necessary to review the shape and the materials of the uniform to respond to the needs of the students in this new era.

The new uniform represents the future of our school and our students. The educational policy of nurturing human resources that support the companies of our area is still maintained, as well as to shape persons who respond quickly to the significant changes of the world and hopefully become leaders of big companies in Okayama.




Comment from the designer

Soji is a school with 100 years of tradition, so we wanted to accent the uniqueness of their high school uniform style which has been loved by many generations in the region.

One of the new symbols is the stylish light gray jacket.

We used wisteria blue to accentuate the color of the uniform. The blue refers to the motif of this flower on the school emblem.

The checkered pattern of the ribbon and tie are also wisteria blue with a white line that represents the of glittering Takahashi River.

An elegant coloring with a classical touch, complements the clean design.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

Mr. Tomoko Nanba, an associate professor at Ochanomizu University, as well as the students were involved in the process of designing the new uniforms, incorporating ideas and thoughts of junior high school students and parents.

The song of our school says, "under the banner of a high ideal there is one's heart." Many seniors have sung this song with anticipation of high aspirations toward their futures as active members of society.

It is our mission to respond to everyone's desire of studying and learning, to challenge and making them believe in all their possibilities. "101 Education Plan" is one of our efforts, and we are looking forward to seeing the students wearing the new uniform going through the main gate of our school in its 101st year of its foundation.

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