Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

Our school opened in 1984. Under the school precepts of "independence, imagination, respect, and affection," we cultivate humility and sincere humanity and practice balanced educational activities of "intellectual training," "moral education," and "physical education," in order to train Japanese people with an international mindset suitable for the new century.

The students can select their courses according to their needs, and each one can learn individually and interactively by using the ICT equipment installed in all classrooms. Also, we focus on international exchanges through overseas school trips, Australian language training, and Italian Soccer Club training. We aim to develop people with a global sensitivity.
Not only the learning side but also the club activities are thriving. Because of the great facilities, many departments are starting to use them for national competitions and conventions every year.

Nihon Bunri High School will open up for the future with its 21st-Century type of education!


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

Currently, Japanese education is about to change drastically. At our school, we call it "21st-Century Education" and we are starting to practice a cutting-edge type of education. The new uniform is one of the symbols of such "21st-Century Education."

In 1990, our school adopted a blazer type uniform, and have reached the present with doing minor changes. We believe that has certain popularity and familiarity in the region. Renewing the uniform means that the Nihon Bunri High School is ready to face the future.

Over the course of a year we considered and thought that it was important to combine a wide range of opinions, so we carried out a "general uniform election." An open election to choose the design of the new uniform was carried through the internet where enrolled students and faculty staff participated, and the total number of votes exceeded the 2000 participants.
Among the participants, as a result of the emphasis on the opinion of the third grade of junior high school students and their guardians, the school decided to design uniforms that have not been seen before in the prefecture, based on the color of our school: blue. It is a uniform made only for Nihon Bunri High School.




Comment from the designer

The dark blue jacket with white piping has a very original style.
On the chest is embroidered the gleaming emblem of the school.

In a simple print, the color blue was effectively used, achieving a stylish yet easy-to-wear uniform.

The skirt has an elegant striped pattern whose appearance varies depending on the light.
Girls can choose between ribbon or necktie, so they can enjoy making their own coordination.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

The new uniform was chosen by students who want to wear a "cute, cool" uniform, students that actually use the uniform. Based on their opinions, a wonderful uniform was accomplished!

Highschool encompasses a very important stage of life, from 15 to 18 years old, a time that makes us grow greatly as human beings. By spending this time in an appropriate environment and constantly learning new things, an individual's "possibilities" open up widely.

Now, the start line is in front of you! Why don't you join us at Nihon Bunri High School for the next three years toward the future that runs ahead of you?

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