Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

The school was founded in 1871, hence it is a school with a long history and tradition. Our educational policy is based on "truth, goodness, and beauty."

- Truth: To study hard in order to deeply master our state of mind.
- Goodness: To develop the ability to always look for justice and peace.
- Beauty: To serve to the purpose of cleaning up our minds and bodies, the environment and our lives.


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

With the occasion of Koshien's first appearance in 1999, the school, that has been only for boys, began coeducation with girls in 2000.

Since then, it was decided to revise and unify the male and female uniforms as the first step to build the new history for the coming 150th anniversary of the founding of the school.




Comment from the designer

An original gray blazer coordinated with a charming bottom gives the uniform a stylish look. The students cooperated with each other, expressing the high standards and goals of the school tradition and style.

The back of the women's jacket has a fashionable sailor collar. The school emblem badge is attached to the back-sailor collar as well as in the front. The check patterned skirt has a fashionable blue gradation in the side.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

The gray basic tone of our school new uniform represents the calmness and gentleness of the human being.
I hope that the newly enrolled students bring new energy to the entire school.
The whole faculty and staff of Seibi High School will unconditionally support the dreams of those wearing the new uniform.

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