Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

In 2021 our school is celebrating its 100th anniversary with the mission of "delivering people who are comfortable and easy in society." Our educations system is based on the spirit of altruism and not selfishness, in order to make people who can work for others. From this school year on,​ we will adopt the slogan "to make the future interesting." This is so that the students can apply it in 2030 when they are adults and actively working in society.

In the future, the world will be completely different from now. To put it in a few words, it will be "a world without answers." Until now, the ability to quickly find the correct answers by using the "knowledge" acquired from textbooks and books, was considered "intelligence." The world is advancing at unpredictable ranges. In this rapidly changing "future," with the progress of globalization, diversity, AI (artificial intelligence), the scope of prediction is narrow, and society has to confront with "questions without answers." That is why it is necessary to redefine "intelligence." "Intelligence" has to be the ability to easily come up with answers to unknown questions without never giving up. Furthermore, if there are no possible answers, one will have to obtain them by themselves.

The future is tomorrow; the future is next month; the future is next year. The future is inevitable. It is fun to create a future that comes naturally, and we think the school is the place to do so. In order to be a school filled with excitement, the school along with the students will make an effort to create that interesting future.


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

We decided to change the uniform to prepare the students to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the school in 2021.

With the 100th Anniversary in mind, we will take a new step with the students for the next 100 years.




Comment from the designer

I made an innovative style of blazer using colors that accent the color of the school.
Each men's and women's jacket have threads of four colors weaved together, so when the sunlight hit them, the school colors stand out.

I made a sharp design with an oblique cut back at the chest.
There are 3 kinds of skirts, the check pattern is for formal wear.

The necktie can enrich the uniform by combining the ribbon in different variations.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

The basic concepts we requested on the new uniforms were to have "design, functionality, and commitment" that cannot be found anywhere else. Also, that the uniforms were "to be worn every day."

We would like to high school students to enjoy wearing the uniform, we want them to smile while they are wearing it. We want each one of them to be happy with their own uniform. With all that in mind, we decided to change the uniform. We are looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of the freshmen.

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