Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

Kacho Girl’s High school was founded in 1911 by the Jodo head temple of Chion origin, by the founder of the Honon Buddhist sect, and ever since has focused on the superior education of girls.
We wish to form persons that appreciate the spirit of service, that are capable of expressing gratitude with a smile, and also recognizes the value of obedience.
Our educational goal is to train professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the preciousness of life and the grace of obedience.

The school is in the centre of Kyoto surrounded by greenery, which shapes a wonderful environment in which acquire certain academic skills.


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

The school thinks that the dynamic performance of independent women is indispensable to the society of the 21st century; students set their tasks and settle problems by themselves. We educate them to have the ability to be balanced.
Also, to make full use of all the benefits of a comprehensive school in 2017, we introduced in high school collaborative classes that promote students with a valid educational curriculum with a view towards shaping a career after high school graduation.

Therefore, we decided to change the uniform to one that reflects the actual image of what the students want. The reason why I chose the new O.C.S.D. brand is that I felt that the school also needed to take on new challenges to appeal to the students.




Comment from the designer

This uniform was designed with a camel jacket and a bright plaid skirt. The emblem of the chest is an original design of O.C.S.D. with the motif of the school's initials.

A ribbon tie, a blouse in different colours, and slacks complement the design. We arrange some items that can be coordinated according to the student's mood, and that can respond to each one's expectations.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

A high-level collaborative class begins next year for new students, and the curriculum which concretely thinks about their future will start a school life that leads them to university. I hope that you want to become independent women who not only go to college but also think about their future careers.
The new uniform is a symbol of a new beginning. After listening to the opinions of the students, the seniors who graduated, the guardians, the teachers and the staff, I decided to renew the school's uniform.
I hope that you will lift yourself in the outfit filled with ideas and thoughts that push you forward to your future endeavours. I am looking forward to seeing the energetic school attitude of everyone reflected in the uniform.

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