Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

- School motto

気魄邁進 和協敬愛 剛健真摯

- Educational policy

1) To develop sincere human nature that respects individuality and human rights. (Friendship and courtesy)
2) To encourage high intelligence and rich creativity. (Active learning)
3) To grow strong determination and strong physical strength. (Exercise the mind and the body)
4) To promote social responsibility to fulfill responsibility and actively serve. (Responsibility and Service)


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

The current uniforms have a long-standing tradition and are rooted in the community, but we studied the possibility of changing the uniforms as we celebrated our 80th anniversary.

We received many requests from teachers, guardians, and students to change the uniform.

Looking toward the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the school, we hope to be able to manifest the charm of our school to the community through the new uniforms.




Comment from the designer

Niihama Higashi High School aims to represent the "Only One" through a fresh and elegant uniform that celebrates the 100 years of the foundation of the school.

The pink of the cherry blossom trees in the school, as well as the blue of the Kogogawa River are represented in the uniform.

The gold button that shines in the dark blue jacket, the piping emblem and the collar enhances the originality of the uniform.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

For both of men's and women's uniforms, we used the colors that symbolizes "Kokonagawa" and "Sakura."
We love our region more than ever, and we wish that the new students will love the region as we do, as well as the school.

We hope that the students to be enthusiastic about studying, the club activities, the extracurricular activities, etc., and that each of them makes your presence shine under the concept of "Only One."

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