Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

Our school is in the city of Shinshiro located in Aichi Prefecture, known for the Nagashino battle. For many years, the "Aichi Prefecture Shinshiro High School" and the "Aichi Prefecture Shinshiro Higashi High School" has educated a lot of well-prepared citizens responsible for the region, and therefore the country. We are pursuing to write a new history as "Aichi Prefectural Shinshiro Yukyokan High School," the name of the Han school "Yukyokan" that has been in this place since ancient times.

The "Aichi Prefecture Shinshiro High School" will open as a high school of integrated departments. There are seven elective courses called "keiretsu" (affiliation) grouped in different areas, which students can select according to their interests and study more intensively and efficiently.

We would like to continue being a high school that plays a significant role in society and the future of the country.


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

As the new religious high school opens, we decided to create new uniforms that respond to the locals and student expectations of the new school.

The keywords of the new uniforms are "clean and restless":
We expect the uniforms to be:
 1. Uniforms that students wear proudly.
 2. Uniforms that seems to be "I want to wear" as a longing from junior high school students.
 3. Uniforms that give both the alumni and the local residents a good impression.
 4. Unique uniforms.
 5. Uniforms that symbolize the newly integrated departments.




Comment from the designer

The women's jacket is a neat shawl collar with a rounded collar tip. The shawl collar and the male's breast pocket has silver-gray lines that shine elegantly.

Slacks and skirts have sophisticated striped patterns in blue lines. A border pattern has been added to the girls uniform to make it cuter.

The beautiful light blue necktie/ribbon represents the clear waters that emerge of the vast nature of Shinshiro City and is the symbolic color of the new high school that will raise new generations of students.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

Everyone has infinite possibilities. Please challenge yourself settling high goals in your education, as well as in culture and sports.
We expect each and every one of you to accomplish your biggest dreams.

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