Q.What is the school's educational policy, philosophy and style?

Ichimura High School celebrates its 110th anniversary. Since its foundation, we are focused on developing global human resources who can make a leap in the world under t "the world is supposed to be my market." Mainly focusing on English education, we incorporate an educational curriculum that includes four primary skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Furthermore, we have an art education that is rarely found in other schools.

By introducing some experiential kind of learning, such as foreign language training in Canada and New Zealand, internships in various companies, the experience in farming life and nature, and so on, we are actively making each one tackle learning.

Also, the school is surrounded by greenery within Nagoya city, so the students live a comfortable school life at our school with abundant nature and extensive gardens.


Q.Why did you decide to change the school uniform?

Although it is a traditional school, we have been doing educational reforms aiming at the society of the future. "How to live life?" Our school has asked this question to students, having in mind on how we can make a significant change in society with their career and their lives. One of the reforms was the incorporation of an individual active learning through English education and experience education.

I decided to introduce uniforms that can embody this reforms, and this is the reason we changed uniforms. So far in the educational philosophy and educational curriculum of the school has incorporated art thinking and new teaching methods, and uniforms are different from other schools too. I think we should be a new school of its own. By adopting this new O.C.S.D. brand, we have an original pattern in the world.




Comment from the designer

Based on the theme of returning to the origin, boy's uniform is made up of a traditional three button blazer with grey check pattern slacks.

Girl's jacket design change at junior high and high school. Junior secondary school students wear a bolero style jacket, and high school students a more mature kind of jacket. The plaid of the skirt matches the jacket. Embroidery on the chest is also a unique element.



A message to first-year students who will wear the new uniform

To the elementary school students who are entering Ichimura junior high

If you become a high school student or university student in the future, you will not need to learn many things, but you will need to select the necessary items from Internet and other sources and add your ideas to the information. I think that we want to sort out a variety of information from junior high school students and inflate their thoughts.
Our school has a very close relationship between teachers and students, not only academically speaking but also as friendship, and that's how various troubles can be solved together. We are prepared to support you at all time and advice in whatever you may need.
I am looking forward to spending the next six years of school life together.

To the junior high school students who are entering Ichimura high school

Please consider "how to live life" after entering this school. At our school, there are plenty of experiential learning activities, places and a career formation curriculum suitable for each person, and the environment for advancing towards the future envisioned by everyone. Our school encourages each who goes towards the future.
I am looking forward to seeing you all in April, wearing the new uniform.

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