New O.C.S.D. uniforms have started adaptation to schools in 2019 and has completed adaptation to all three grades of schools which took O.C.S.D. uniforms in the first year.

Since April 2019, the introduction of new uniforms has started at high schools that have adopted O.C.S.D. uniforms.Niihama Higashi High School and Ibusuki High School and Aichi Prefectural Shinshiro Yukyokan High School have shared their comments of the new uniforms.

Ehime Prefectural Niihama Higashi High School

【Comments from the students】 I think the new uniform is very refreshing and cute. It said that there would be new uniform since last summer, and it became one criterion of choosing the school. I also like the style of taking off jacket and wearing the knit vest instead.

Aichi Prefectural
Shinshiro Yukyokan High School

【Comments from the students】 My uniforms in junior high school were sailor suits, so I am very happy to be able to wear blazers now. Boys are very cool in uniforms, because they look like adults in suits from the faraway.

Kagoshima Prefectural Ibusuki High School

【Comments from the students】 I think the new uniform is very light and easy to stretch. It is much easier to move than junior high school uniforms. It is fascinating that the jacket and blouse can be washed at home. Moreover, the blouse even does not require ironing. I also like the cute check design of the squirts, and I am very keen on the fact that the tie is tied already so that I do not need to worry if it gets spread out.

Educational Corporation Nihon Bunri Gaguen Nihon Bunri High School

Besides, 5 high school which adopted O.C.S.D uniforms in 2017 has completed changing uniforms of all three grades.Kumamoto Prefectural Ashikita High School has shared their comments of the new uniforms.

Kumamoto Prefectural Ashikita High School

【Change of school atmosphere】 For the first time in this year’s entrance ceremony, we were able to see uniforms on students of all three grades. The dark green color has created a very keen atmosphere and enlightened the ceremony. The blue accent is also the point for both boys and girls. Every year, Akashi School Uniform Company holds “School Uniform wearing Seminar” for first grade students, as a result the number of students in skirts and pants is reducing. The clean and stylish atmosphere of the new uniform has also helped.Every student is full of confidence and energy, starting to make new change of the school to be more active with lively greetings everywhere.

【Local reputation】 The local area is also immersed in the change brought by new uniforms of Ashikita High School.The previous uniforms had somehow an old image. However, the new uniforms are very beautiful in their modern color and design with cute ribbons and the original bright appearance.